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Frequently Asked Poipu Realty Questions

Q: What is the difference in average rainfall between the north shore and the south shore of Kauai?

Princeville on the north shore averages 60-80″ per year and Poipu on the south shore averages 30-40″ per year.

Q: What is the difference between purchasing leasehold and fee simple property?

If you purchase fee simple property you own the land and all the improvements thereon. If you purchase leasehold property, you are buying a lease for the land and in most situations, you own the improvements.

Q: What is the MLS?

The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and is a closed access computer network that is used by every Realtor in the country to find properties for their buyers. In order to list properties on the MLS you need to be a Real Estate Broker and pay a monthly fee to access the system. You can browse the entire Kauai MLS on our site.

Q: What is a CPR?

CPR stands for “condominium property regime” in the state of Hawaii, and is most commonly heard when referring to a number, the CPR number, which identifies one condominium property from another for tax and sales purposes. Condominium ownership can be single family residences, vacant land, or the traditional condo/apartment building, and usually includes a percentage of interest in the land that is shared with other owners.

Q: What do I do about pet quarantine?

Although the State of Hawaii is very strict about quarantine procedures, the old law was modified in June, 2003. Here is a quarantine checklist for Hawaii Resident Pets.

Q: What can you tell me about schools in Hawaii?

There are public schools in or near each community. There are also a number of private schools. Investigate for yourself and decide which would be the better choice for your children. Here’s Kauai public school information (select a grade level). You can access information for the University of Hawaii and our Kauai Community College.

Q: Does Kauai have the same temperature all year round?

Kauai has everything from desert to rain forest. Here’s detailed information on Kauai weather.

Q: What is the best way to take title to a property?

Because of the implications for your estate and tax status, we urge you to discuss this question with your tax advisor, attorney or estate planner.